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プラス、マイナス決済 ショート、ロング決済の追加
TrimPips機能強化の一覧 プラス、マイナス決済と ショート、ロング決済を追加してほしいという 依頼がありました。 簡単にできそうなので挑戦。 しかしながら問題は、表示とボタンを追加すると UIが...



Main function

TrimPips is an epoch-making tool that allows you to trade only with pips display.


Display of various positions

In addition to the “All currency pairs” and “current currency pair”, the total Pips of “Plus Contribution”, “Demand position”, and the total Pips of “short positions” and “long positions” are displayed on the control panel.


The plus position is blue, the negative position is red and profitable
It is displayed easy to understand.


One -click settlement function

Except for the “Exit All” button, the current Pips is displayed on the button.
Therefore, you will be settled by clicking on each display button.




Display of earned pips

Pips earned for the current currency are displayed continuously on the chart.
If the current currency has multiple positions, pips earned for each position will be displayed on the chart.

The Pips display on the chart allows you to move on the chart freely.


You can change the color and font size.


Display the comprehensive total of “Current acquisition PIPS”

The current currency acquisition pips will be continuously displayed on the chart.

If the current currency is a multiple position, the earned Pips will be displayed on the chart for each position.

In the case of the above figure, the total position of the dollar / yen (USDJPY) is 80.8 pips, and the total position of Eurodollar (EURUSD) is -0.9 pips. In addition, TOTAL 79.9 pips is displayed as the sum of dollar yen and Eurodollar.




All currency pair payment function

Click the “Exit All” button to settle all positions at once.


After payment



Current currency pair payment function

Click the “Current Pips” button to pay all the open chart (in the case of the figure below) and become “Current NO ENTRY”.



Pretty and loss settlement function

“Plus position” payment function

If you only want to settle the plus position,
Click the “+??pip” button.

“Negative position” payment function

If you only want to settle the negative position,
Click the “-??pip” button.

Long and short position payment function

“Long Position” payment function

If you only want to settle in the long position,
Click the “L??pips” button.


“Short Position” payment function

If you only want to settle in the short position,
Click the “S??pips” button.


Automatic payment function according to the total acquisition PIPS

Automatic payments can be performed according to the total acquisition PIPS.
Conversely, the maximum loss position is also possible.
For example, if the total of the loss cut pips is set to 40 pips,
If you exceed -40 pips, all positions are automatically settled.


Settings screen




Trailing stop function

The settlement reverse limit is set according to the current price.



Individual payment function by deleting PIPS display

Right -click the pips display on the chart and click “Delete” to delete the pips display.
Then settle that position.

Settings screen



Organize the pips display on the screen

Click the “Trim Pips” button to organize and display the “Pips display” on the chart.
In addition, all settled “Pips display” will be deleted.

Window size switching

By clicking “All currency pair”
The window size switches.



break even line


The color and width of the line can be set.








TP/SL setting function when ordering

At the same time as the entry, at the position of the pips you set
You can automatically set TP and SL.

Settings screen


Existing position

After setting, for existing positions TP and SL are automatically set.
* If you cannot set it manually (figure below), it will be ignored.



Click the “PrtSc” button to the message
The screenshot file is saved in the data folder.


Format of file name

year month Date and time in the second-currency pair .png

YYYYMMDDHHmmss-Currency pair.png


2023 September 20, 2023 If you take an EURUSD screen at 6:27:41



In the case of MT4

Data folder\MQL4\Files


In the case of MT5

Data folder\MQL4\Files


How to open the data folder (MT5)

* In the case of MT4, read “MQL5” as “MQL4”.


  1. Click “File”-“Open Data folder”.


  1. Click “MQL5”.
    * In the case of MT4, it is “MQL4”.



  1. Click “Files”.


The screened file is stored.




Setting screen

How to open the setting screen after startup.


  1. Right -click the icon on the upper right Trimpips
  2. Click “Properties of Trimpips”






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